Allegrini is a leading producer in the Valpolicella Classica area and one of the most highly-regarded and award-winning Italian wineries in the world.

Owned by the Allegrini family, which has had roots in the Valpolicella since the sixteenth century, the Company has over 100 hectares of hillside vineyards in the Classico zone. Wines bearing the Allegrini brand are produced exclusively from grapes grown in the Estate’s vineyards.

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The wines of Poggio al Tesoro, produced from over 50 hectares (123 acres) of carefully tended vineyards and via meticulous winemaking techniques, are a finely-balanced combination of power and elegance: they are intense, deeply-textured and brimming with multi-layered aromas and flavours with predominant, satisfying fruitiness.

The personality of the Estate’s wines is enhanced by the decision to cultivate and use traditional grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot as well as Cabernet Franc, Syrah (Shiraz) and Vermentino, which are more unusual in Bolgheri. Poggio al Tesoro produces fascinating wines which, since their debut on the market, have succeeded in winning acclaim from both the public and international critics alike, the latter highlighting the innovative intuitions underpinning the project in Bolgheri.

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The Corte Giara range was created to satisfy the demand for easy-drinking wines that are fresh, intensely aromatic and pleasurable, and are available at a very attractive price.

In 1989, and with this purpose in mind, Allegrini began to enter into long-term land-lease contracts in the vicinity of Lake Garda and in other suitable locations in the Veronese area. The Corte Giara vineyards are perfectly suited to producing a whole range of Veronese wines, from Valpolicella, Ripasso, and Amarone to Soave and Bardolino, as well as some varietal wines such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Merlot.

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The Estate consists of 16 hectares of land, 8 of which are registered under the Brunello appellation, and is located at one of the highest elevations in the district of Montalcino, on the south-west slope of the wine-producing area.

The vineyards enjoy a fine, micro-ventilated, dry climate with marked day-night and seasonal temperature ranges and are cultivated in line with the principles of eco-sustainable agriculture. The grapes are processed with artisanal-like care and attention in a cellar specially designed to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, preserving and enhancing the finesse of the aromas of Sangiovese. San Polo has thus been put firmly on the map as a new but already authoritative witness to the nobility of Brunello.

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Villa della Torre, a true architectural gem of the Italian Renaissance, is now the property of the Allegrini family.

The Villa complex, designed by Giulio Romano and Michele Sanmicheli, is a revival of the house or Domus occupied by the upper classes in Ancient Rome, with all its pomp and splendour. The Peristyle (courtyard) represents the true heart of the house, accompanied by the sixteenth-century motifs of Water as a vital element (the Fishpond) and Fire, expressing the concepts of strength and beauty (as embodied in the ‘Monster’ Fireplaces designed by Giovan Battista Scultori). The Chapel and the ‘Bucintoro’ grotto dedicated to Jupiter Ammon - which looks out over the Palazzo della Torre vineyard - complete the stunning scenic effect of the entire complex and reinforce its historical and artistic importance.

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