SONDRAIA 2015<br/>among the top 10<br/>Italian red wines
04 April 2019

among the top 10
Italian red wines

"With immense pleasure, I can now tell you that 'my' SONDRAIA - Bolgheri Rosso Superiore 2015 - the first that bears my signature - has been ranked among the Top 10 Italian red wines. A ranking drawn up by the monthly Gentleman magazine (Class Editori), it annually compiles a list of the best wines by correlating the ratings awarded by the six most authoritative Italian wine guides. The 2015 vintage of the Bolgheri Superiore DOC of Poggio al Tesoro reached the 8th position in this prestigious league table, second only - as far as regards Bolgheri - to the mythical Sassicaia, recently crowned #1 in the world by Wine Spectator magazine.
Poggio al Tesoro is my creation and the realization of a dream shared initially with my brother Walter. Now our collaborators are the impassioned drivers of this success: the oenologist Lorenzo Fortini, the vineyard manager Franco Dal Colle and our Administrative Director Marrico Toni. But to this list we must add Azzurra, Valentina, Ludovica, Elia, Federico, Daniel, Maurizio, Bernardo, Alessio, Niccolò, Edlira, Samantha, Matteo and many others who have made - and are still making - a very important contribution to the growth of this Company.
I want to thank them all because Poggio al Tesoro would not have achieved the present qualitative results without them.
But I also want to thank my daughters, Carlotta and Caterina, who are in love with Bolgheri perhaps even more than I am. They represent the certainty that this project will have some formidable Ambassadors who will travel around the world, proud of what their mother has helped to create via sacrifice, determination and great pride.
Marilisa  TOP-TEN --- SONDRAIA